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IMP Innovative Medical Produkte Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Am Hubengut 8
76149 Karlsruhe

Telefon +49 721 9475 30
Fax +49 721 9475 311


HRB 108980 Amtsgericht Mannheim, Ust-IdNr. DE 812941128, Steuernummer 34413/62400

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Michael Fischer, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Gestaltung und Entwicklung:
Werbeagentur Dreamland GmbH & Co. KG


Survey, data processing and data use of our data for commercial purposes: According to §28 BDSG I contradict every commercial use and passing on of my data as well as the use of my personal data at all direct marketing enterprises and in all advertising transmissions. I prohibit the use or transmission of my data for the purposes of the advertisement or the market research or public opinion poll.

Hint to protected trade names and logos: The use of protected trade names, trade names, utility model and brand logos on this homepage shows no copyright infringement, but serves as an illustrative tip. Even if these are not marked at the respective places as those, the suitable legal regulations are valid. The used trade names and brand logos are a property of the manufacturers and are defeated by their copyright regulations. Moreover you take information please from the tips of the manufacturers on their web pages.

Hint to the copyright & copyright: All rights reserved. Any texts, pictures, graphics, animations and videos as well as contents and structure of this website are defeated by the protection of the copyright and other laws of the protection of the intellectual property. Their copy, change, commercial use, use in other media or the passing on into three parts is not permitted or needs the previous like explicit approval of me.

On these sides right links: For all external links outside from http://www.imp-medical.de no liability is assumed. Their operators are responsible solely for the contents of all verlinkten sides. We try to control all right links and to announce abuses.

Privacy Policy 

On all sides under http://www.imp-medical.de the protection of your personality is taken seriously very much. After you find out which data from you are collected and are used for which purposes.

Data processing on http://www.imp-medical.de: Technically indispensably the following data are automatically taken down by the server, provided that transmits:

  • Exact name of the browser
  • Exact name of the operating system
  • Referrer URL (at last visited side)
  • Hostname (address IP)
  • Time & date of the visit

These data are stored for technical as well as statistical purposes temporarily. An IP archiving in the connection of the statistics does not take place basically.

External data storage: With every access data are sent to Google. These are used for statistical purposes as well as to the advertisement. A passing on of personal information about your identity or contact possibilities finds, provided that this of you not expressly desirably, grundätzlich not instead of. The basic data protection regulations of Google are valid for the other here.

Data ending by forms and emails: All data transmitted about the website are stored selbstverstänlich. This concerns possibly all values by a form are sent. This information happens basically voluntarily and is observable for no visitors of this website. Direct contact forms and emails to the side operator are directed can be stored and be put into archives, nevertheless, are on keinster points publicly observably and are defeated by the Briefgeheimniss which can be lifted, nevertheless, in on both sides approval partially or completely.